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    Hello And Welcome

    Post by Dean on Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:27 am

    Hi im Dean, 18 and from the wirral, merseyside. i have set up this forum as a place where younger mods and scooterists can meet up. i orginally came up with the idea as i seen all the other scooter clubs where full of older men usally in there 30's-50's these men have alot to offer us younger mods and we have alot to thank them for but i just didnt like the idea of being in a scooter club where there was no one my age.

    Once i have a number of people online i plan to meet up and act as a fully functinal scooter club. this scooter club will be mainly based around the north west of england but if your under 25 and not from this part of the uk feel free to join the online side anyway.

    thanks for looking....
    lets hope we can get as many younger people into this scene as possible and start something within the youth of today

    Dean Smile

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