Thanet Scooter Rally. 19th-21st july 2013


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    Thanet Scooter Rally. 19th-21st july 2013

    Post by A5_butterfly on Wed Jul 24, 2013 6:23 am

    Not everything in detail, but you get the gist!

    Last Thursday, I discovered that the thanet scooterists were holding their 6th annaul scooter rally in Ramsgate, Kent. Due to my rally calender being fully booked over the next month, I thought it would be best not to go, and to save money for Shed, IOW etc. i had been before, but with other people, not on my own and although i would know a few people there, I would be stuck on my own all weekend.

    However when Friday morning came around, I thought 'Fuck it', loaded up the car and drove the 130 odd miles to the small Kent coastal town of Ramsgate. (It took me over 3 hours, fucking m25)

    On arrival, I realised that I knew the gate staff, paid my £20, inc a fiver for the car, and headed for the camping field. I was the only fucker there, it was 2.30 in the afternoon.

    As it turned out, I knew more people in Thanet than I realised and my afternoon was spent talking to old people and before I knew it, it was evenin, by this time, sadly only about 30 other people had turned up!

    A ska cover band were on, and to be honest I cant fucking stand Ska, so I teamed up with a lad on a vespa, who had never been to a rally. He was also 26 and we spent the evening taking the piss out of the people we could see.

    Finally the ska finished and on came the nothern soul 'classics' Now (not blowing my own trumpet) I am a very good nothern soul dancer, so I was quite happy to throw some shapes. my frequent trips outside for  'air breaks' included me witnessing a bloke in a mankini, a young lad telling an older lady (who we both knew very well) that he wanted to get 'balls deep' in her and other such lighthearted banter.

    I called it a night after I heard 'the snake' start to play!!

    Saturday morning arrived, rather cold and drizzley. I was out in the town buying thicker clothes by 9 am, when half the campsite were still in drunken comas! When I got back, the rideout left. They drove to a local pier, and from what i heard, thoroughly enjoyed the ride! i myself monged in my tent, trying to sleep/catching up with more mates.
    I was just munching on some food when the organiser came up to me, giving me a trophy for the furthest travelled. It was an emotional moment, he told me that he was grateful that i had gone all that way on my own to support such a small rally

    That evening a rolling stones tribute played, and to be fair they werent my cup of tea, not a good looking lad in the band at all!! After the band, raffle tickets were called and then it was back onto the northern soul. By this time I was feeling rough so headed back to my tent.

    I felt so sick, the lad in the tent next door convinced me that my coke was spiked with mdma, so I promptly threw up in my tent (in a bucket) I am such a classy bird!!!! I then stayed awake all night, thinking i was going to puke again. The lad i met friday stayed with me, as he was worried.

    Sunday morning came, and most of the campsite had packed up and gone by half 8. I didnt have the energy to put my tent down, and so I had to get someone else to do it. I think that was the worst drive home....ever!!

    Even though this rally clashed with one in essex, by the bats sc, I would still support the small clubs every time. I know how hard it is finding people to support you.

    I had a brilliant time, and would like to thank the Thanet Scooterists for putting together such an awesome weekend :-) xxx


    Didnt get many pictures, but heres a few.. okay they wont upload so ill add them on later Smile

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