Testing Stator Plates

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    Testing Stator Plates

    Post by Wally on Thu Jul 25, 2013 6:13 am

    Right, this should be the first instalment of a few tech stickies I plan to do over the next few months.

    The following is a guide on how to test the general health of the ignition components on a 12v stator - PX/T5/lml/aftermarket lammy type electronic ignition.

    First remove the wires coming from the stator into the CDI (ignoring the outer green wire). Using a multimeter set to read resistance (ohms, I set mine to read 2k) place a probe onto the white wire, and the other on the red. This is the pickup circuit. The reading you get should be in the region of 110 ohms, but with a tolerance of about 90 - 120

    Do the same with a probe on the white and the green, this is the LT circuit. The readings should be in the region of 500 ohms (+/- 50).



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