Mersea Island Scooter Rally 30/8 - 1/9 2013


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    Mersea Island Scooter Rally 30/8 - 1/9 2013

    Post by A5_butterfly on Wed Sep 04, 2013 12:40 am

    Rally number 9 of the year for me

    Although I had said I wasn't going to go....I couldn't resist. I didnt really want to go on my own in the car this year (not for £45!!) so managed to get a lift in someone elses instead. there was me and another lad Scott (who is on here somewhere) in the back, getting very excited!!!

    We left at 11am, and after driving the long way around the m25, we passed our first group of scooters just outside Cholchester.

    We arrived at about 2pm and after lugging our gear about 4 miles, we found what we thought was a nice, quiet spot we pitched up and went for a mooch. There seemed to be alot of chavvy kids on site still who seemed to be too lazy to walk to their parents car to collect their stuff, and so had their peds piled so high that they could hardly ride.

    My mum was riding her 180 dragster, along with a gts and a lambretta sx 200 (maybe) but as signal was shite I decided to go and wait for her at the main gate. After spotting Kirsty and LLoyd, i stayed with them for the next hour and a half until my crew turned up.

    After an afternoon of talking shite with the old folk, I made my way up to the Darkside tent. First they played an indie set, another dj then did a bit of dance and before long it was half 11 and time for the silent disco. Inside I spotted jamie, and when matt said hi, I really didnt recognise him, maybe I should get back on FB!! the silent disco was packed and full of pissed people smoking weed, so I decided to call it a night about 1am!!

    Saturday started bright and sunny. I bumped into most of the YGs on my trip to the parts fair, including a very impaitient jordan who couldnt wait for the stall to open so he could buy his rally patch!!!!

    I got talking to Jack Nyland who offered to come to the beach with me, when infact, he just sat and moaned about his depressing life whilst I went paddling in the ocean. Chuffed to find a jellyfish, but it swam away Sad

    My mum was having the fuel pump on her dragster sorted, and on my way to find her, i spotted a lammy with a horses saddle for a seat and whole dead fox on the back, it was still bleeding from its nose. I then saw Rhys and called him over, who also thought it was awesome!!

    After a quick ice cream, it was time for the games! First the egg throwing (the contestants werent very good) then the frozen t-shirt comp. I was getting nice and sunburnt by the time of the beer and banana race. but after the bloke projectile vommed towards me as he was riding past, I couldnt take anymore , so decided it was time for a shower, some ace campsite food and some more sunbathing!

    After getting changed and straightening my hair, we made our way over to the darkside tent, where one of them had had soo much gear that they had forgotten how to swallow!!

    After such a hot day, the temperature dropped dramatically and a sea mist was beginning to decend. The darkside tent was in full swing, I was on glow stick duty, and as i threw them at the crowd, one of them went in the eye of a lad who should of been in one direction, he was not impressed. Big up to the little 6 year old girl, who partied hard in front of the smoke machine for about 3 hours!!

    After a while I got bored and went to the loo, as I was washing my hands i could hear 2 young girls talking about how jack nyland was annoying them (one was hazel, dunno the other)
    I then spotted big jack and little Ant who both said that the other jack was being a knob to the whole yg's group, getting in peoples faces and being very inapropriate. Being the eldest I decided to rectify the situation by dragging jack to the side and telling him to stop being a loser, which he didnt and had to be spoken to by matt, and then another lad.

    All of a sudden there was only me and Josh left out of the group and we ended up hanging out for the rest of the evening (watch this space ;-) ) We spent alot of time in the main room which seemed to be playing a bit of everything from northern, indie, britpop and ska. The ygs appeared at 1.30, when matt was trying to teach me how to dance 'madchester' I called it a night at half 2, and didn't sleep much as it was sooooo cold!!

    I was awoken by the sound of scooters leaving, i I hasitly packed up my stuff and as i peered out of my tent, I was informed that it was only 6.50 am..... but by then i was awake so I put my tent away, had an awful canteen breakfast and then made my way home.

    Although it doesn't sound it, I had an awesome time, It was great to see so many young guns sticking together, and meeting some new faces. I took about 3 pictures but i am sure other people have better ones

    I have probably missed out about 75% of the weekend here, so please feel free to add bits.

    Thanks to everybody who made Mersea such an awesome rally....roll on Woolacombe ;-D xxx

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