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    Post by YAINO on Wed Mar 19, 2014 7:58 pm

    My Name is Ken Thompson, I am President and Ceo of “YA I NO Productions “, we are a Small independent TV and Film company  based in the East Riding of Yorkshire, UK we are currently at pre-production stage of a NEW TV programme called “Skooter World” the aim of the programme is to bring not only all the aspects of the history of scooters, but the Music the fashion the clubs.   This is where we would like your help the world of the scooter depends on young people like your self’s to carry on the history.

    Back in the 60’s and 70’s the scooter movement was unstoppable  the clean cut of the fashion and the great music  led to many new directions for the industry to go. Manufactures like Vespa & Lambretta both from Italy exported scooters to almost every country   Times have changed over all those years. There are now more Scooter manufacturers from in many countries  but the craze or movement here in the UK has just grown and grown.  From our research there is some 2.5 million scooters now here in the UK (Any bike that can be a step through)  and a lot of it is down to the new riders like yourself  under the age of 25.

    This is where you can help.  We aim to run regular slots within the programme for the under 25  be it from a club meeting to local dance you may have organised  so we would like to hear from you   visit our face book page “Skooter World”  or visit our website    we also are working  to produce a TV drama series based a scooter club (Broadcaster to be announced soon)  

    Look forward to hearing from you soon

    Director, Producer
    YA I NO Productions.

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